Skip to content Skip to accessibility help. Numeric keypad, Soft keys Display Resolution: Java games play very well on the M without any delays and with perfect audio. Positioning – This field shows the positioning systems supported by the device. Sprint also bundled On Demand content by Handmark where you can get quick glance at the local weather, current news, stock and sports.

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Samsung M610

Bottom Line Samsung’s M definitely has great looks, but several quirks may turn off buyers. What will it samsung m610 to beat Samsung? That’s what digital cameras are for Those who samsujg used with high quality sound features will definitely reject it samsung m610 the start.

The sample below has been executed mm610 watts of continuous tungsten light, especially created to test the quality of the camera module. Visit manufacturer site for details. You can set the brightness to one of five brightness settings. The samsung m610 is so sensitive to motion that pressing the key to take the picture will often cause enough movement to completely blur the picture.

I have never had to call my service provider or the manufacturer once samsung m610 this phone. The audio quality is better in general with samsung m610 clearer sound.

Overview Deals Reviews Specs Videos. Current AMOLED screens differ in such a way that they samsung m610 exhibit much more saturated colors sometimes too much and incredibly high contrast levels, which is due to black color being completely black in AMOLED displays. Works best in clear weather.

A 64 meg card is included with the phone. Bell says its samsungs fault and samsung says its bells fault but I’m caught in the I prefer this samsung to any mottorolla phone. Often times you only hear one guitar as opposed to samsung m610, if one samsung m610 sent far to the right and one far to the left.

SPH-M by Samsung (Sprint) review: SPH-M by Samsung (Sprint) – CNET

The M camera can also take videos with audio in 3g2 format. I’ve even managed to take some shots of the sunset while in motion in a vehicle.

The phone samsung m610 available in 2 colors?

I recommend this guy to all users. It gets full samsung m610 in samsung m610 places with bars fewer when deep inside of a large building or on a stormy day.

Number of pixels across and down that are used to capture samxung image.

Samsung M610 Review

We expect more from a phone that has a 2-megapixel samsung m610. Just disappointed in the phone. You will be redirected via a new browser window to the Samsung m610 Global website for U.

To see the full specifications with in-depth samsunb click here. Camera resolution Rear 2. Sign up for a Samsung Account. They’re fairly spacious as well, and are brightly backlit.

Obviously, M is not a new phone by its look or features, and doesn’t come up with any innovations, but it’s really a samsung m610, pretty nice phone. Return of the stylus: In fact, there is only a universal port Samzung standard for charging the device or attaching the headset that comes with the phone, placed on the right side, a m160 volume samsung m610 and a microSD slot card, both found on the left side of the phone.

The camera however, doesn’t work anymore it takes way too long to load nowbut when it did work, it was amazing, I also like the samsung m610 Sadly, wamsung from its design and price, I wouldn’t bet on the success of this mobile phone on the market.