I bought a cto creation and managed to make cutouts in vinyl normally. Or I have to turn everything off and back on to send the job to the cutter. Neil April 17th, Alan February 23rd, Thank you for any help. Missing argument 2 for wpdb:: Unknown device…I tryed reinstaling drivers, changing ports…nothing…with serial cable work with no worries …thank you again.

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Creation CT630 User Manual

My Creation CT has fallen from the desk and it has unsoldering the cables from the main panel. Plotter creation ct630 my advice is to use the serial connection and not USB Redemption. Unknown device…I tryed reinstaling drivers, changing ports…nothing…with serial cable work ceation no worries …thank you again.

Wondering crfation you have had any luck as yet? Martin June 4th, I have it bought 2nd hand and it comes with no CD or installer.

Now that is all setup you will need to make sure the vinyl plotter plotter creation ct630 setup. So it must be the plotter and not the software. I am trying very long time to set it up with USB plotter creation ct630, sometimes it work for couple of hours and stop working wor weeks…now I bought USB-Serial cable and it work perfectly …THe biggest problem was: It cuts half and then just stops without finishing the cut.

pcut ct a step by step guide – Redemption Man | Redemption Man

Alan February 23rd, No matter what the file plotter creation ct630 or format, size or complexity of cut, it will not work. Click here to cancel reply. Daz July 22nd, Thank you very much. Louise shepphard August 9th, Estou tentando instalar uma CT em windows xp.

Man December 15th, Suellen Hashimura August 27th, But the cutter wont even print a correct test square, it ranges from a square 2mm x 25mm to 5mm to 25mm its totally random. Adrian S March 24th, Marthin June 11th, E-MAIL required – plotter creation ct630 not be plottef.

Creation Pcut CT630 Sign Sticker Vinyl Cutter Plotter Ct 630 – Windows and Mac

I am plotter creation ct630 a Creation PCuter and using Corel on windows plotter I want to connect my cutter to pc but its nt working, hits not connecting to the pc either.

I am using a Mac OSX John July 11th, First go on a Vinyl Cutter.

Paul May 7th, It may that the belt that moves the blade left and right is slipping and you may be able to hear it slipping if you listen.

But my advice is to plotter creation ct630 the serial connection and not USB.

With all that done you should be ready to use your plotter creation ct630. They could inform me that I must purchase software to get work doing this contour cutting plotter?

Neil April 17th, Just wondered if you could help with the above? Homer December 9th, If that works sounds like the serial settings might be wrong, so double check all the serial settings with the potter in this post.